Nicole Rabata


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Fodhla CD Cover


Notes From Mill Pond (2015)

6 track EP by Fódhla

Nicole Rabata, flute
Ellery Klein, fiddle
Bethany Waickman, guitar


Armorica CD Cover


Armorica (2010)

Armorica features the traditional music of Ireland, Canada, Brittany and Scandinavia combined with Nicole’s original compositions on the Irish flute. The CD provides a dramatic contrast of textures and arrangements, with upbeat driving dance tunes and evocative melodies with lush harmonies.

Featured musicians

  • Seamus Connolly (fiddle)
  • Natalie Haas (cello)
  • Ellery Klein (fiddle)
  • Danielle Langord (harp)
  • Owen Marshall (bouzouki, guitar & harmonium)
  • Matt Shipman (guitar)
  • Chris ‘Junior’ Stevens (accordion and concertina)
  • David Surette (guitar & cittern)