Nicole Rabata


Bayside Trio

Nicole Rabata, flute
Anastasia Antonacos, piano
Benjamin Noyes, cello

Recognized for their dynamic and imaginative approach, the Bayside Trio is a bold voice in contemporary and classical chamber music. Dedicated to pioneering new works and presenting compelling repertoire that is seldom heard, the Trio is passionate about inspiring their audiences with inventive interpretations of progressive new works.

Choro Louco

Nicole Rabata, flute
Carl Dimow, guitar, flute
David Newsam, 7 and 8 string guitar, mandolin
Joel Eckhaus, cavaquinho, mandolin
Eric LaPerna, pandeiro

Brazilian Choro has been around for over a hundred years, but in this country itʼs virtually unknown. David Grisman, Mike Marshall and a handful of others have helped introduce the music and the musicians to a larger audience, but itʼs still largely under the radar of most music listeners…Its beautiful melodies, complex harmonies, and syncopated rhythms combine elements of European folk and classical, ragtime, jazz, Latin, and African music creating a style that is uniquely Brazilian.

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Nicole Rabata, flute
Ellery Klein, fiddle
Bethany Waickman, guitar

Named after an Irish goddess, and also the literary name for Ireland, Fódhla (pronounced Foh-la) is comprised of flutist Nicole Rabata, fiddler Ellery Klein and guitarist Bethany Waickman. Based in Portland, Maine and Boston, the trio plays throughout New England at festivals, concerts and sessions. Most recently, they have appeared at BCM Fest, Belfast Celtic Fest and Saltwater Celtic Fest, as well as Skye Theater and numerous concert series. Their debut CD ‘Fódhla’ was released in 2015.

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Stretta Ensembles

Based in Portland, Maine, Stretta Ensembles features conservatory trained, professional musicians who are dedicated to their craft. They specialize in light Classical music for wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours and special events.